Dolly Available in LED
Slotted metal cylinder reveals an inner layer of brilliant rhinestones. Contact the Generation Brands Quotes Dept. for custom interior color options. Custom interior colors are available, contact the LBL Quotes Department,, for more information. Includes (1) 6 watt 350 lumen 3000K 80 CRI LED module and 6' of field-cuttable suspension cable. Not compatible with 24 volt transformers.

Rubberized Black Exterior/Black Crystal Interior

Rubberized Black Exterior/Clear Crystal Interior

Satin Nickel Exterior/Clear Crystal Interior

Satin Nickel Exterior/Gold Crystal Interior

Satin Nickel Exterior/Orange Crystal Interior
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Dolly Pendant
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rubberized black exterior/black crystal interior
rubberized black exterior/clear crystal interior
satin nickel exterior/clear crystal interior
satin nickel exterior/gold crystal interior
satin nickel exterior/orange crystal interior
satin nickel
led module 6w
fusion jack
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